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Poshmark | The Benefits of Being a Poshmark Ambassador

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Ohrosalinda.com! If you are new here my name is Rosalinda and I am a part-time reseller on the Poshmark App! You can follow my journey here on Ohrosalinda.com by subscribing to my blog or on Instagram @thriftyrose!

If you dont have a Poshmark account you can use the code OHROSALINDA to get a $5 credit to use towards your first purchase on Poshmark! 

Poshmark released the Poshmark Ambassador program back in October of 2017. When it was first rolled out I didn’t know what all it entailed and if it was worth joining. I did my research and here is what I discovered about the Poshmark Ambassador program and what the benefits to joining the program really mean for a Poshmark user.

What is a Poshmark Ambassador? 

A Poshmark Ambassador is someone who promotes and represents the community at a high standard. You are active in every aspect of the app, that includes but is not limited to selling, buying, and sharing both your listings/other poshers listings. You follow the selling guidelines and abide by their rules on what you can and can not sell on the app. You are in compliance with the terms & conditions. You are spreading the #poshlove by having great customer service and participating in the Poshmark community!

The REQUIREMENTS to become a Poshmark Ambassador are as follows: 

Community Shares: Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers closets to your followers.

Self Shares: Share your own listings at least 5,000 times to the community/your followers

Listings Sold: Made at least 15 sales from your Poshmark closet

Available Listings: Have at least 50 available items in your Poshmark Closet

Average Purchase Rating: Have an average purchase rating of at least 4.5 stars.

Average Ship Time: Have an average ship time of  less than 3.0 Days.

New Poshers Shared: Share at least 50 NEW POSHERS items. (You can find new poshers by selecting the Person icon located at the top of your FEED section in the app next to the heart. Then Select NEW PEOPLE located near the bottom of the menu.)

Love Notes given:  Buy something on Poshmark and leave a love note saying how much you loved your item and rate your seller & experience. **(This is not mentioned on the Poshmark blog but is a requirement. You must purchase something on Poshmark and leave a positive feedback in order to gain access to the Poshmark ambassador program.)

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador? 

When you become an ambassador in return for your good standing on the app Poshmark promises the following perks:

  • Unlock access to exclusive programs or special opportunities!
  • Get recommended by Poshmark to new Poshers
  • Get access to a Poshmark newsletter that lets you get a sneak peek on whats to come in the app.

(Recently Poshmark released another perk to being an ambassador and that is the Poshmark Affiliate Program which I will be posting about soon so stay tuned!)

Is being a Poshmark Ambassador worth the time and effort? 

In my opinion YES, I think being a Poshmark Ambassador is worth it.

Has it helped me make more sales? 

Lots of people are disappointed once they become Poshmark ambassadors and see no changes in sales or no changes in monthly income from the app. Poshmark never promises SALES, do I think it has increased my sales at all since becoming an ambassador… NO. However, it is proof that I am a trusted seller and that I go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to all my buyers. In a roundabout way, it COULD HAVE helped me make more sales. Buyers see that I am active on the app and with that small title I do stand out from those who are not Poshmark Ambassadors. I can say that it has helped me gain TONS of new followers and that is a great way for the items in my closet to gain exposure. Now when I share my listings daily they appear in over 100,000 different feeds and again could be a reason why I make sales.



What are your thoughts? 

I am super proud of being a Poshmark ambassador and don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to join the program. I would love to hear your opinion on the Poshmark Ambassador program and if you have or haven’t gained the title? Was it a goal for you and have you achieved it? How long did it take you to achieve and do you feel like it was worth your while? Leave me any and all comments down below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @thriftyrose and subscribe to my blog for more tips and info on Poshmark!

Find me on the app! @ohrosalinda






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