Poshmark: July Goals

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My name is Rosalinda! You can find my Poshmark closet by searching my username @ohrosalinda or by clicking HERE!

At the bottom of this post I will link all my previous Poshmark post so you can enjoy those as well!

We are halfway through July! Its crazy that this year is going by so fast! We are getting so close to 4th quarter and I can’t wait! : )  As some of you know I started this blog to share my beauty purchases, my thrifting adventures, my poshmark & now eBay sales & tips, and just anything that I wanted to write about! I hope that you don’t mind me sharing my goals as well!

Today I’m sharing with you my personal list of Business goals in hope that it will help you set your own goals.  Some of them might be a little random but keep in mind that I blog for you and ME! I often look back to these post and remind myself what I set myself up to accomplish! It’s a fun way to keep myself accountable for my goals and it’s such a HUGE motivational exercise that helps me stay on track!

Without building it up too much here is my long list of (boring) biz goals! Haha!

  1. List 50 items on Poshmark or eBay that I already own! That means no sourcing for these items! Take them out of your closet/apartment!
  2. Keep Self Shares at 100K or more!
  3. Sell $500 or more – This number is just a goal but it will increase as we start heading into the 4th quarter.
  4. Ship at least 50 items
  6. Have a “CLEAR OUT” Sale
  7. Invest in shelves for both storage closets
  8. Relist 40 items that haven’t sold in the last 3 months!
  9. Stay active daily in all Social Media Pages
  10. Save $100 of sales to go into a (WORK) MacBook Fund.

Alright guys so there they are. These are my 10 goals for July! I hope I get them all accomplished! I’m going to really set my mind and put forth as much energy towards these 10 things and I’ll update you at the end of the month!

Let me know what your goals for the month of July are down in the comments! Don’t forgot to like this post and follow my blog for updates and future posts!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you soon!

– Rosalinda


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