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My Paparazzi Story

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to! If you are new here WELCOME! My name is Rosalinda and I am a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant! I hope you stick around and check out all the other cool content on my website! I appreciate you being here today!

The Beginning! My Paparazzi Journey! 

I’ve been a Paparazzi Consultant since May 1, 2018 and have advanced to the rank of Director! I am so grateful for Paparazzi and that its part of my life! I enjoy being a part of such an amazing company!

Let me share a little about myself and my Paparazzi journey with you!


I really enjoy being my own boss! It gives me the flexibility I need to really go after my dreams of being an entrepreneur and a freelance artist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! I have always been a thrifty girl so when I discovered how fabulous all the Paparazzi $5 accessories were I knew I had hit the jackpot. Its been such a blessing in my life and it has not only helped me empower myself but has also helped me empower my friends, family, and even strangers who have become repeat customers of mine.



I found Paparazzi on Facebook! I had always dreamed of owning my own business and working from home! I’m going to keep it real with you! I was very skeptical about joining an MLM company. I knew they carried a bad rep and I thought about it a lot before I joined! My conclusion to my thought process was… “Well if it doesn’t work out the worst that could happen is that I end up with a box of jewelry that I can give away to my friends and family during Christmas time!” Little did I know that Paparazzi was going to change my life forever! Paparazzi is more than just a wholesale jewelry company! Its a family of both men & women who are all about empowering one another and building each other up! I knew when I joined that it was going to be lots of fun but now after a year of being with the company I can say its truly a huge $5 family!

We like to PARTY!!! 

I had my first Paparazzi party online through Facebook live! It was so fun and super easy to do! I had no idea what I was doing the first time I went live! I was a hot mess but it was so fun and as the minutes went by I grew more confident and noticed that the jewelry was selling itself! I invited my family and friends to watch and sold 33 out of the 35 pieces in my $99 starter kit! I was thrilled!! Since then I’ve had multiple parties online and in my own home! That’s the beauty of this business! You can run it however you like and on your own time! Girls night at my place is now a bi-weekly event! My friends come over to hang out and we relax and shop right from the comfort of my own home! It’s amazing! I also love setting up at local events! Nothing beats seeing someones face light up when they find a piece of jewelry that they have to take home!

Team Bombshell Chicas! – Growing my Paparazzi Team! 

As I started to really work my business and I found out quickly that I really enjoyed it. I wanted to start sharing the opportunity of owning your own business with EVERYONE! I loved selling Paparazzi and found that if I shared this amazing business with others I could have a group of empowered, strong, and independent women with me and together we could really make a difference in peoples lives! That led me to build my Team, Bombshell Chicas! I discovered the power of having a downline and making residual income from commissions in addition to party sales! We have a group were we share life accomplishments, community, and help motivate and inspire one another!

Big Goals and Big Dreams! 

I am loving my Paparazzi journey so far! I know this is only the beginning of something amazing! I work hard every day and my customers love to see the DAILY new releases! They call me their jewelry lady and that brings a huge smile to my face! My goal has always been to empower women, build their confidence, and let them know that with hard work anything is possible!

This year I went to Paparazzi One Life Convention in Las Vegas and it was a dream come true! I had such a great time and loved getting to meet all the ladies from aroudn the nation who are on this wild ride with me! Being around like-minded businesswomen was amazing! I got to meet our founders! Here is a picture of me with Misty and Trent Kirby! Next year at the convention it’s my goal to get a picture with Chani and Ryan!


One of my biggest goals this past year was to be able to pay for my rent with my Paparazzi business profits! I know it may not seem like a huge goal to some people but for me, it was all I wanted to do with Paparazzi! I wanted to supplement my income and have a little extra cash each month to do fun things with like travel and enjoy good food!  I wanted to make sure that each month I was making enough money to pay that one bill and I can proudly say that I have done that and more with this business! My team is growing everyday and I have SO MUCH FUN! I am proud of myself for taking this leap of faith with such an empowering company!

What will your story look like? 


If I can make money with this company so can you! Anyone has the opportunity to take this business to the next level! My team is growing and YOU could be a part of something so magnificent with us! What will your story look like? I am so glad that I gave Paparazzi a chance to change my life! 

If you would like more information about joining my team and becoming a consultant please check out my website!


Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you might have about Paparazzi Accessories! I am an open book! You can email me at Rosalindasjewelryshop at gmail

Check out my Facebook Business Page – Rosalinda Sells Bling! Hit the LIKE button to get notifications!

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