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Poshmark | What is Relisting? & How to relist an item on Poshmark

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If you are new here my name is Rosalinda and I am a part-time reseller on the Poshmark app! You can follow my reselling journey here on Ohrosalinda.com by subscribing to my blog or on Instagram @thriftyrose where I share reselling/Poshmark tips as well as general life shenanigans!

Today I wanted to talk about relisting and how it can benefit your closet!

What is Relisting?

Relisting is just what it sounds like…. you RELIST an item in your closet.

Relisting is often used when an item has been sitting in your closet and hasn’t sold.

It might have gathered tons of “Likes” and no one has purchased it. Maybe you have dropped the price down a couple of times and it still hasn’t gotten much interest. Whichever way you see it what it all boils down to is one thing… it’s been sitting in your closet for way too long and you are sick and tired of looking at it! Sometimes the reason an item is not selling might be because the cover photo might need updating or the description is lacking some important information so its always a good idea to review your current listings.

How do I relist an item? 

Relisting can be as simple as:

  • Taking a screenshot of the pictures from your current listings. Copy the description of your current listing and then deleting that listing.
  • You then create a new listing and add your old photos, paste your old description and add any updates you think it might need!

Maybe your old listing didn’t have any measurements before so you update it with measurements. You might add a little bit about how to style the item you are selling. You are basically just deleting your old listing and creating a new listing of the same item!


There are also times when I have chosen to rephotographed some items that I thought needed a new cover photo. When I pick items that I think might need rephotographing I often look at my lighting! If the lighting it off I will often use an app from the app store to help me enhance the picture. I recommend using the app PicTapGo and you can find it in the Apple App store.

What are the Benefits of relisting? 

In my opinion, there are plenty of pros to relisting an item.

  • Your item will appear as a brand new listing and will gain exposure for being a newly listed item.
  • Your closet will also get highlighted at the top of the FEED section in the app as shown in the picture below!

  • Your item will appear with a maroon border making it stand out to those who click on your closet.


I hope this tip will help you give some of your old listings new homes!

What do you think about relisting and have you tried using this technique to keep an active closet? Has relisting helped you make any sales in the past? Are you planning on trying out relisting some of your items? Leave me your comments down below!

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One thought on “Poshmark | What is Relisting? & How to relist an item on Poshmark

  1. This seems like a lot of work. I have almost 1500 to list and I do not think I have time to keep relisting. Wow. I also want to run a sale (for example a price drop of 10%) for all my items and it seems Poshmark does not have feature to add listings all at once. Do I need to price drop each items? Right now I have over 300 items and this going to be an enormous task.


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