Poshmark | 5 Poshmark Tips for Resellers

Hello everyone and welcome back to Oh, Rosalinda. If you are new to my blog, Hello! My name is Rosalinda and I’m a part-time reseller on Poshmark.

Today I wanted to bring you 5 tips to increase your potential for making sales on Poshmark! Poshmark is a social app and being active is essential to being successful! If you want to know more about Poshmark please check out my other posts! I will have them linked HERE, HERE, & HERE!

OK lets get right to it!

TIP #1


Take a look at the items you have for sale in your closet and analyze them from a buyers point of view.

When analyzing my closet here are some questions I might ask myself……

  • Where did I get this item? From a family member? From my own closet? Did I buy this item at a thrift store or retail to resell?
  • Are the items in my closet desirable brands and styles?
  • Are they all the same size? Variety of sizes?
  • Are my items priced competitively?
  • Are my items set up to be purchased as an impulse buy? (Do they include measurements, a detailed description, and great pictures? (For picture taking tips check out THIS POST!)

Once you go through your closet and take a look at it from a buyers point of view you might start to notice a few things that you can fine tune to make certain items more desirable.

Here are a few suggestions!

  • Updating the title of your listing from “cute dress” to “Ann Taylor LOFT Denim Button Down Dress Sz 4.” Being as descriptive as possible & using lots of key words will help your item get more exposure when a buyer is searching for it online.
  • Looking up “Solds” and researching the item you have listed to get a better understanding of what the same item or a similar item has sold for.
  • Finding out the “Style” name of a particular item and making sure you name it in the title and description.
  • Improving your descriptions by adding style tips……… “pair this with a solid color top and sneakers for a casual look”

All it takes sometimes is going through your listings and catching any mistakes or improving them by adding the small details that buyers are really looking for.

TIP #2



When I say “Be Consistent,” I dont mean to just be consistent with Listing, Shipping, and Sharing. Those are things you should already be doing on a daily basis! Being consistent with the overall presentation and look of your closet is just as important.

  • Be consistent with the pictures you are taking. A solid background will best display the item you are trying to sell and the use of props or styling your items will bring a unique feel to your listings. Having different backgrounds and not being consistent with the lighting of your pictures can make your closet look unorganized.
  • Be consistent with the over all vibe of your closet. Just like a store is consistent with their brand you should be consistent with the look and vibe of your closet. Who is your buyer? Is she a mom? Does she dress causal or is she more career oriented? Is the girl you are selling to in College? Does she go out on Saturday night with her friends to a club and pop bottles? Or does she chill with her friends at her local bar? Am I sparking any thoughts? Thinking about who your buyer is and catering to a particular style not only draws customers that fit those wardrobe needs but will also help you source better items for your closet.

TIP #3



This tip is straight to the point and I can’t stress it to you enough. Loving the items you are buying to list in your closet is so important! If you don’t absolutely love an item the chances of you being excited to list it will be slim to none.

My best advice to you is to ONLY pick up items that you know are great pieces. Items that you would also wear, style, and that would be a great addition to your Poshmark Closet. If you cant see YOUR closet without the item then I’m 100% sure there is a market for it online and that probably means its a total score! Go with your gut and LOVE WHAT YOU LIST.

TIP #4

Have Standards


  • When it comes to sourcing and buying items to list for your Poshmark closet having standards on what to purchase is very important and goes hand in hand with loving what you list. When you’re out at thrift stores or retail stores make sure you are inspecting each item and really doing your research. I know I’m not the only one guilty of getting carried away with finding great deals that I simply just walk out with every single item in my cart without making sure that all items are in great condition! Don’t make that mistake! PLEASE go over every item you want to purchase and I promise you by the end of your inspection you will feel so much better. This will help you not only save money but save yourself from that heartache of getting home and realizing you purchased something with a flaw!

TIP #5

Re-listing is the new Listing 

giphy (1)

Relisting is something that I always thought was just a waste of time. I have already done the work of listing the item so why should I delete it and list it again? There is also that haunting guilt after deleting a listing with lots of likes! YIKES! After 5 years of being on Poshmark I have come to my own conclusion that LIKES don’t matter as much as you might think they do! Do you have items that been sitting in your closet for 6 months with little to no likes & have been price dropped 3 different times? If your answer is yes then now is the time to get to RELISTING the item with a higher price and different pictures! NEW listings always get a great deal of attention on Poshmark so why not relist those items that have been sitting stale in your closet? Think of it as regular closet upkeep!

Alright ladies and gents! That is all I have for you today! I really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for stopping by checking out my blog! I hope you stay here and take a look at my other posts! I really appreciate it! If you find these tips helpful I encourage you to incorporate them into your Poshmark routine.

Feel free to leave a comment down below with any helpful tips you might have and dont forget to like this post and follow my blog so you wont miss out on my next post!

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