Poshmark: The Seller Stylist Tour & Web Listing is HERE!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes! If you are new here then WELCOME! My name is Rosalinda and I’m a Part-time reseller on Poshmark & eBay! Follow my Instagram accounts @thriftyrose & @cottonjangleboutique for updates on my daily life as well as my reselling journey! *To read my other post about Poshmark CLICK HERE*

First I wanted to let all my Dallas Peeps know that Poshmark is coming to Dallas. They are here to promote their #Poshnation Seller Stylist Tour! How exciting! Don’t forget to get your FREE tickets to this event by visiting their ticket registration site! LINKED HERE! I will definitely be there so if you are in the Dallas area and want to meet up don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Okay on to the most anticipated update of all time!

Today is a very exciting day for all Poshmark users!

Poshmark has always been a mobile app and today the Poshmark Team released a new update that lets us all LIST FROM THE WEB! This is a huge game changer for poshmark! Not only can we list on our phones but now we can list right from our desktop or laptop! This makes it so much easier for people who are already selling on other platforms like eBay & Etsy!

Listing from the web is so fast and easy! Head on over to Poshmark right now to try it out for the first time! It takes less that 2min to complete a listing and make it live!

This exciting new addition has been anticipated for so long! If you’re someone who has been reselling for sometime but was skeptical about Poshmark because they only allowed you to list from your phone then right now is the time to finally join the Poshmark community! Get on over to their website and start listing!

If you are new to Poshmark don’t forget to use my invite code HZKRK when signing up for your account to get $5 off your first purchase from any closet! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post today! I hope you are all having a great day and I wish you many sales! Happy Poshing!

– Rosalinda

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