Poshmark | Tip of the day 5/3/17

Hello everybody and welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes! Today I wanted to bring you a quick Poshmark Tip! If you haven’t heard about Poshmark I will link my closet for you HERE!

*Poshmark is an iPhone/Android App that you can access from any mobile device to sell your New or used clothing, jewelry, and accessories! You can also sell makeup items as well as Men’s and Kids fashion! Its such a great way to earn a little extra cash while purging and getting rid of your unwanted clothing, jewelry, or accessory items! To join simply download the app to your phone or tablet and enter code HZKRK when signing up to receive $5.00 shopping credit to use towards any purchase on the app!* 

Todays Tip is……

Join a Facebook Group Poshmark Community!

Poshmark Groups on Facebook are so fun and really informative! I enjoy being a part of them and believe it or not I visit the groups on a daily bases!

They are all very well moderated and I’ve even become Facebook friends with some of the ladies in the groups! It so fun to have a place where I can communicate with other people who are also doing the same thing I am doing day in and day out!

When I started reselling I found that the hardest thing for me was to keep up with my listing and engagement on the app. I would go days without leaving a comment or sharing my items! It definitely took a toll on my sales and reflected on my follower count as well!

When I found out about groups dedicated to Poshmark on Facebook it changed my life! I am no longer alone and no longer bored! During the day I check them frequently and engage with the other Poshmark Sellers! This then translates to engagement in my closet which then results in sales!

Let me know what you think about this tip down in the comments!

– Rosalinda


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