Poshmark: 6 Quick Tips you can do in 30min to Increase Sales

Hi There! Today I wanted to share 6 quick tips to increase your sales on Poshmark!

 Here they are!

  1. Set a goal.
    • Setting a goal is so important! Make sure you have a goal of how many sales you want to make in a week or how much money you want to have earned by the end of the month. A goal always keeps me motivated and excited about my tasks.
  2. Follow 300-500 people.
    • Do this everyday. Following new people is always great exposure for your closet! New people means a new set of eyes to browse your items and also share them!
  3. Share from the feed – 300-500 listings.
    • Do this everyday. Sharing other poshers listings also increases exposure in your closet! When you share an item you also get noticed by Poshmark!
  4. Self-Share your closet 3-5 times outside of parties.
    • Do this daily. Self sharing your closet keeps your items active and at the top of a brands feed.
  5. Don’t get discouraged!
    • I see so many girls start closets and post items then after being on the app for a week they quit and they end up closing their closet. Keep at it! Don’t get discouraged just because you haven’t made a sale in a couple of days. If you are just starting on Poshmark it might take a while for you to make your first sale. Push through it! Get out there!  There are many days when I don’t make sales and that just makes me want to work harder! Share, follow, repeat! You can do it!
  6.  Connect your social media accounts or create new social media accounts so you can share your listings!
    • Pinterest, Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook are all great places to share your items with others!

To sign up for Poshmark don’t forget to use code HZKRK when you sign up!

When you sign up you will receive $5 to spend towards any purchase on the app!!

Follow me on the app @ohrosalinda! To read my other post about Poshmark click HERE and HERE!

See ya soon!

Rosalinda 🛍💕

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