Poshmark – How to Earn Your First $500



Hi there and welcome back to my Poshmark series!

I am so excited that my previous blog posts have helped you get familiar with Poshmark! I love sharing my experiences with you!

Today I wanted to post some tips on how to earn those first $500 on Poshmark! I remember meeting my first goal of $500, I was so proud of my accomplishment and wanted to tell everyone about it! I would find myself daydreaming about what I should post next! I was obsessed with sharing my own items and sharing other peoples items. I loved getting “Likes” & comments on my listings, I WAS LOST IN MY OWN LITTLE POSHMARK WORLD!

With the money I earned on Poshmark I bought my very first Apple MAC Book and 3 years later I am still using the money I make each month to supplement my income. I picked up these tips along the way and I want to share them with you so you can amp up your Poshmark game!

Tip #1:

SHARING – An essential part of Poshmark.

  • Its how the feed moves and how you can get closer to your buyer!
  • If you didn’t know, sharing a listing will blast that listing to all your followers.
  • If your listing is of a certain brand for (example: American Eagle Outfitters), when you share that listing it will go directly to the top of the AEO brand feed! Anyone shopping that brand will see your listing first!

Social Media Sharing is also important!

  • Not only can you share your items on Poshmark but you can share them on all social media platforms!

    •  Tweeting your listings
    • Pinning them on Pinterest
    • Blogging about them on Tumblr

Sharing will guarantee you more exposure!

If you are serious about making your $500 goal or any goal in general SHARING will be your best friend!

Connect all your social media platforms to Poshmark and with the touch of a button you can share them instantly! It’s such a useful tip that everyone should be aware of to maximize exposure! Facebook is a tad bit more personal in my opinion so I try to only share one or two listings a week. You don’t want to spam your FB friends or else they might mute your post which isn’t helping you! The other social media platforms are a bit less personal so I share there all the time.


Tip #2:

Branding – Giving yourself a name and logo

You might not think of yourself as a brand which is what is holding you back from sales and followers. If you give yourself a name and a logo you can easily attract people to your closet.

  • You don’t have to go out and hire a graphic designer to make you a logo. Simply use an app on your phone. My favorite is A Beautiful Mess by Elsie & Emma. It’s an apple iPhone app that lets you make picture collages and gives you templates and doodles to decorate your pictures. Gather some photos from your listings and stitch them together then plaster your @name on top of that image and BAM! You got yourself a logo girl!
  • Use that name and logo to blast yourself on social media.
  • As you grow your following on Poshmark and other SM you will see that people will start to recognize your personal logo and name!

Here is an example of a Posher who is doing this right now!


@thegoodchic took a photo of one of her listings and added her closet name on top!

Can we talk about the GENIUS SHE IS! Branding at its finest people!

Tip #3:

Quality Photos  – Taking excellent photos with your iPhone or Android!

You don’t need a fancy camera and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to make money on Poshmark! Your Apple or Android device is all you need to make that money!

Don’t get fancy by adding tons of other items to your listings cover photo. 

  • Its not necessary. Buyers want to see the item.
  • The buyer is worried about its material quality, its condition, and the size of the item.
  • Your other pictures can include tips on how to style the item but not everyone has the same sense of style that you have. Sometimes styled pictures can totally ruin a sale.
  • The first impression is always the most memorable! Stun the buyer with a great photo of just the item you are selling.
  • Solid backgrounds or hardwood floors are also grea

Don’t upload a blurry photo! 

  • You can automatically tell when the photo in a listing is blurry! Double check all of your photos before uploading the item and listing it in your closet.
  • By tapping on the screen when you are taking a picture you can autofocus your camera to capture the best quality photo.

Don’t use a stock photo as your first picture. 

  • Yes stock photos are nice and crisp but it doesn’t show the buyer the actual item. (In my opinion its almost false advertising.)
  • Instead take a picture of the actual item. 
  • Lighting doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Note in the discription about any fading, peeling, and damages.

Do take multiple photos of the item.

  • always take more than one photo when listing your item.
  • a photo on the hanger, laying flat, and of the tag are always essential to making a sale.

Do brighten up your photos with your phones picture editing tool. 

  • if your photos are looking a little dark, it doesn’t hurt to add some brightness to them before uploading them to your listing!

Do update your cover photo

  • If you see that an item isn’t selling yet you are sharing it constantly, try updating that cover shot! Try a solid background or maybe natural light to brighten up the items look.



    I am not a professional Posher by any means! I’m learning just like you are. I hope these tips will help you improve your sales for the month of September! Don’t slack, hit it hard, and please come back and tell me how you’re doing! I want to hear from you so please leave a comment down below with your closet name so I can take a look and help you get closer to the right buyer by SHARING! You guys inspire me so much to keep writing and to keep sharing my Poshmark experiences with you!

     – Rosalinda





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